CAMPAIGN Emails Sent: 10 Guest Posting Syria Email List Opportunities Secured: 7 SEMIAUTOMATED CAMPAIGN Semiautomated Campaign Emails sent: 95 Guest Posting Opportunities Secured: 8 In a nutshell: my hypothesis was incorrect. The manual Syria Email List campaign and the Lemli’s campaign landed me almost the same number of guest posting opportunities. But the question is, which method would allow me to scale to have a consistent number of Syria Email List guest posting opportunities month over month? It’s important to note here that this is by no means a controlled experiment. The sample sizes are different, and there’s a ton of uncontrolled.

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variables. That said, the answer for me is pretty Syria Email List clear: the semi-automated campaign using Lemli’s is more scalable than the manual campaign. Why? Here are two simple reasons: Scaling manually inevitably requires increased workload & associated Syria Email List costs. Manual campaigns require a much higher time investment. Note: If you’re not planning on scaling to secure hundreds of guest posting opportunities, manual campaigns are probably the Syria Email List way to go. Secure fewer, high-quality guest posting opportunities so you can focus on writing instead of sending emails! THOUGHTS ON LEMLIST I’ve used a number of different third-party

Syria Email List
Syria Email List

email automation tools like Yes ware, Gams, and Syria Email List others. None of them are nearly as good as Lemli’s when it comes to UI, features, and support. And I didn’t get paid to write that. There’s a reason the company has grown to $2M ARR in under 2 years. Aside Syria Email List from the fact that Lemli’s is leading innovation in the space with things like smart personalization, the tool also has a beautiful UI that breathes life into a rather mundane space. In other words, they’re Syria Email List humanizing the entire industry! But what I really love about Lemli’s is that it’s helped me scale my outreach campaigns in a way that just wouldn’t be possible If I was doing everything manually. COMMENTS

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