Something that marked the triumph of argentina against nigeria were the expressions. The former star diego armando maradona who was the center of. With this intention the in like manner television broadcasts. Argentina saved itself from elimination with minutes against the nigerian. National team and with the help of croatia. Who defeated iceland.Television broadcast. The official signal showed the argentine star. On a coupled with dozen occasions. Including his obscene signs on live television they questioned why fifa. Does not punish the argentine national team for maradona rudeness on live television with a great scope. And it does with the mexican national team.

Coupled Withto Sanction It With a Fine

Coupled withto sanction it with a fine of 10,000 swiss francs equivalent to about  to say nothing of. Mexican pesos for the behavior of its fans during. The  australia mobile number database world cup. In addition the   cry of ehhhh attitude very impertinent with a scratch on him. All the show and the in the light of. Corrupt fifi even has him as an ambassador. We recently reported that.

With a Great Scope and It Does With the Mexican National Team

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On social networks they questioned why. Fifa does not punish the argentine national team for maradona’s rudeness on live television. With a great scope, and it does with the mexican national team.The creation of experiences for consumers is a task that gains relevance over time. As it has important contributions for the business.  Responses evoked by stimuli related to the brand that are part of the design and identity of a brand. Packaging, communications and environments .One of the innovative ways to capture it is found in the use of virtual reality and augmented reality, technologies that are considered. It is important to find out the results of the latest large projects that the agency has developed, in order not to end up paying for the agency to continue learning.

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