Online Presence Has Become a Key Element for Brands.Philippines B2B List  Since the Boom in the Digital World Currently. Leads Billions of People to Spend a Lot of Time on the Internet. According to Figures From This Year, Belonging to We Are Social. Of the 7.5 Billion People in the World 4 Billion Are Internet Users. The Amount Plus the Time They Invest. Have Made the Internet a Mandatory Space, Where Spaces Such. As Social Networks Have Become a Priority Because That Is .where You Can Connect and Get to Know the Consumer Better. In That Sense, Although We Know That It Is Not Necessary. For a Firm to Have a Presence in Every Existing Social Network. There Are Platforms Where It Is Worth Taking a Look. One of Them Is Reddit. Which Although It Is Not Exactly a Social Network.

It Is a Space Where a Lot of Social Interaction Takes Place

According to the Alexa Ranking It Is the 6th Most Visited Site Worldwide.  Philippines B2B List   According to Figures From the Platform Itself. It Has 330 Million Monthly Active Users, and According to Statista, Only in March of This Year It Received 1.6 Thousand Million Visits.a Figure That Remains Constant Over the Months. Reddit Certainly Seems Like an Interesting Place to Take the Brand, and for This Reason We Share 3 Basic Tips. Recommended by Socialreport. To Introduce You and Promote You. These Are:1. Create a Subreddit for Your Brand as Simple as That. The First Action to Take Your Brand Is to Create a Subreddit for Your Brand. Product or Something a Little More General.

Subreddit of the Industry to Which You Belong

Philippines B2B List

Within This Space the Users of the Platform Will Be Able to Share Their Doubts.Philippines B2B List  Request Support Talk About the Announcements. Made by Your Brand and You Will Be Able to Meet. Those Who Are Enthusiastic About Your Brand. 2. Respond to and Contribute to Industry Subreddits This Tip Implies That. You Must Proactively Join the Conversations, for This You Must Analyze the Subreddit Pertinent to the Industry Where You Are or Where There. Are Mentions of Your Brand. As Soon as You Detect Something Do Not Hesitate to Join Us. To Provide Answers or Provide Support in Case There Are Doubts. With Actions of This Type It Is Possible to Boost Trust in Your. Brand Because You Are Becoming a Help Agent. On the Other Hand.

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