Prospect Company} co-promotion opportunity Russia Phone Number List Open rate: 60% This subject line works well because it’s short, lightly personalized, and makes an offer right off the bat — “co-promotion opportunity.” It’s a little vague, which works Russia Phone Number List well because it piques interest enough to get the prospect to click through. Best used: for promotion opportunities with companies in your niche. It doesn’t matter if your brand isn’t well-known, but you need to have an audience that is similar in size to your prospect’s audience. It’s a win-win Russia Phone Number List offer your prospect would be a fool not to take. From Sufjan Patel, Co-founder at Mails hake 2. THE PARTNERSHIP

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EMAIL Subject line: CollaboratOpen rate: 69% Staying Russia Phone Number List true to the Lemli’s emoji experience, this one-word subject line is straightforward in its proposition but very human with the fist bump emoji. It’s like sending an email to one of your buddies. Best used: to build partnerships with companies in your target audience. From Ukase Vukosavljevic, Head Russia Phone Number List of Growth at Lemli’s 3. THE BEST GUEST BLOGGER EMAIL Subject line: We’d love to be your writer for a day, {Name/Company Name}! Open rate: 45% This subject line is more creative than Russia Phone Number List the usual standardized guest post outreach email; it’s lightly personalized and has an emoji to make the

Russia Phone Number List
Russia Phone Number List

point and keep it human. Best used: to collaborate on Russia Phone Number List content with another company/blog. From Nick Dimitriou, Head of Growth at Moosend 4. THE JEDI SALES EMAIL Subject line: , Luke Skywalker wants you to make sales! Open rate: 64% The team at Sales flare seem to be Star Wars geeks, as they use these references often. It works because it has a clear value proposition, it’s fun, it’s humorous, and everyone gets the reference. Find Russia Phone Number List funny references that naturally make sense to your audience and get creative to make a more memorable first impression. Make sure you have a clear value proposition that is relevant to your

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