convert hot visitors and get New Zealand Phone Number List results (sales and revenue) quickly. When you’re ready to scale, invest in top-of-funnel campaigns so you have more hot visitors to convert in your bottom-of-funnel campaigns. 3. QUALITY MATTERS It’s easy to say “quality matters.” In fact, everyone knows it. Tracking the right metric for the type of New Zealand Phone Number List campaign you run helps cut through the noise and tell the true story. If your ads don’t help you to hit your goals, they are NOT high in quality. The team at Appium looks at ROAS when New Zealand Phone Number List they try to measure how well the campaigns perform overall. ROAS tells you how much you’ve generated for every $1 spent on

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Facebook ads. If your ROAS is less than 1, you’re New Zealand Phone Number List losing money running ads. But it doesn’t mean you’re making a profit when your ROAS is more than 1. It only means you’re generating more money than the amount you spent New Zealand Phone Number List on Facebook ads. You still need to account for other costs — hosting, people, office, etc. — you incurred running your business. Most ROAS falls between 3 to 4. This means for every $1 they spend on Facebook ads, they generate $3 to $4 in returns. Appium got an average ROAS of 8.6 in New Zealand Phone Number List its main ad account in the past two years. Appium ROAS on Facebook ad manager dashboard So now, how

New Zealand Phone Number List
New Zealand Phone Number List

do you improve your ads’ quality? Ads won’t convert New Zealand Phone Number List if they don’t speak to the target audience. This happens when marketers don’t have a customer avatar (persona) in mind. Every ad Appium has created starts with a customer New Zealand Phone Number List avatar. Here’s a template of how the team does it: Appium Customer Avatar The customer profile helps streamline everything you need to create and run an ad campaign. The next step is to have a creative brief. Just like how we came up with a content brief for every blog post at Sumo, Appium New Zealand Phone Number List creates a creative brief for every ad they want to run. This gives the design team a clear idea of what to work

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