It is in color or black and white. But a good one can become better in the photographer’s opinion if one or the other version is chosen. Color in photography is an expressive tool and not substance and content. What are the keys to a casual viewer reading a photograph My disagreement with some of the terms of the question will partly provide the answer. In art there are no keys because there are no secret rooms. A work of art is not read because it is not a simple signified. A viewer is never simple because it is always unique. A photograph is not a simple snapshot but a piece of time within a piece of space.

However the question

Is both correct and interesting because it resists an answer. However in order to enjoy a photograph one must have knowledge and culture so that one is not limited to Illustrator Art Work recognizing the subject described but is also able to diagnose its photographic transformation. What is the future of photography I guess the chatter and hype of the internet social media and smart phones will as is natural and expected subside and we will return to a more rigorous and selective course. People should think about why and what and how they photograph because if they don’t they will start to get bored with their photographs and themselves. In any case an excess almost always leads to a new austerity. How will you celebrate the Circle’s thirtieth anniversary First with an exhibition at Booze on Kolokotroni Street with portraits of members of the Circle taken by.

Illustrator Art Work

An exhibition that will be accompanied

By commemorative photos of our activities seminars trips exhibitions and will last from January rd to February th. Secondly with an exhibition of two very good DM Databases photographers of the Circle Stergios Papadakis and Kostas Seretis at the Hellenic American Union which will last from March to . And Thirdly With a Large Group Exhibition With. The Theme and Possibly the Title of Everyday. Moments Which Will Be Held in the Fall at the Hellenic American Union. Perhaps Another Group Exhibition on the. Theme of Dreams Will Be Added and It is Not Improbable. That We Will Also Enrich the Series of Our Small Albums. Photographing People is No Different. Than Photographing Any Other Subject. The Real Difficulties Have More to Do With the Photograph Itself. And Its Process Than With Its Subject Matter.

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