The attention to shouting is such. That some brands have had unsuccessful attempts to join. But now club de cuervos is betting on another option. This wednesday the mexican football federation. (fmf) revealed that the fifa disciplinary committee decided. To sanction it with a fine of 10,000 swiss francs. (equivalent to about 204,000 mexican pesos) for the. Behavior of its fans during the 2018 russia world cup . The popular cry ehhhhh!!! Pu….!!! Was described. As a discriminatory and insulting song recorded during sunday’s. Match between germany and mexico by the instance . Influencers players and authorities have urged mexicans.Through their social networks.

Tey have not managed to eradicate it

The attention to shouting is such that. Some brands have had unsuccessful attempts to join. But now club de cuervos is betting on another option. Ecuador WhatsApp Numbers How to keep in touch with your co-workers while working remotely. From their social networks they propose the traditional “ehhhhhhhhhhh… arrrrghhh!” of the ravens of new toledo. The traditional shout is not only an option for football fans. But a smart brand strategy to join. The digital conversation without taking a stand for or against the shout. Let us remember that the issue is serious. Since the fifa disciplinary committee warned that. The mexican federation could face additional sanctions. In the event that this type of infraction is repeated.

The series is distinguished by being attentive

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To the conversation and finding a way to join in without. Seeming forced such is the case of moises suárez .The character from club de cuervos who is. Distinguished by his parties in the series . From the official account of the actor behind “Moi. He denied the party of the selected. Ones with the 30 escorts.The idea of ​​​​mark zuckerberg’s company. Works similar to some blogs or youtube channels. But with the added bonus of mixing all the interactive elements available, from text publications image. Video live training even courses. According to the company so that they are more likely to generate community. And the possibility of monetizing with. This new type of groups.

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