feelings and ideas (Bateman and Kazakhstan Email List Fungai 2004: 88). The therapy based on mentalization (MBT) seeks, precisely, to interweave the feelings and thoughts of these individuals, until the self that was not conformed in childhood is Kazakhstan Email List able to form. This therapy requires two sessions a week: an individual session and a group session, and lasts for at least two years (Bateman and Fungai 2004: 205). BATEMAN, Anthony W. and Peter FONAGY 2004 Psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder . New York: Oxford Kazakhstan Email List University Press. CUEVAS, Carlos and Angle LÓPEZ 2012 “Effective psychological interventions for the treatment of

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borderline personality disorder.” International Kazakhstan Email List Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy. Almería, are included below in which the structure noted above is present. Example 2 Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, is Kazakhstan Email List known to insist that it was an intractable disorder and the psychological literature on it published up to the late 1980s confirms this judgment (Kornberg 2004: 20). Even the Kazakhstan Email List famous psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg who, today, believes that the treatment of the disorder is possible wrote in the mid-eighties that it had no cure (Kernberg 2004: 19). The problem that this disease entails lies in the unconscious.

Kazakhstan Email List
Kazakhstan Email List

resistance of patients to undergo treatment, Kazakhstan Email List which causes that if the narcissus were to seek help, he verbally abuses, even for years, the psychologist who tries to help him. The violence with which the narcissus treats his therapist Kazakhstan Email List is explained by the extreme degree of vulnerability that the patient experiences in front of his psychologist (Kornberg 2004: 183). The extreme degree of vulnerability that the patient Kazakhstan Email List experiences in front of his psychologist is due to the fact that the narcissistic identity is structured by the idea that one is superior or inferior to his neighbor, but, in any case, never the same. This structuring dyad

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