facing a serious dilemma about running this type Namibia Email List of email marketing campaign. On the one hand, marketers understand that their target Namibia Email List customers are more cautious when making buying decisions, especially in today’s economic climate. They want to try something out for free before making that final decision to buy. Then again, people Namibia Email List are spending less on discretionary items since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But according to BlueTree.ai’s founder, Dan Fries, this shouldn’t stop you from sending emails about special offers and discounts. “The truth is that your subscribers want to know if you have any special offers and discounts because.

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they want to get the most out of their Namibia Email List dollars,” Fries points out. A study done by McKinsey & Company supports this.[*] Chart of change in shopping mindset since covid-19 The differentiating factor here is how you’ll be writing the copy. Take a look Namibia Email List at this email from Teachable, for example: Email from Teachable Although Teachable still offers the courses they’re offering in the email, they aligned the email copy to focus more on how these courses can Namibia Email List help their subscribers during these uncertain times. By writing your emails this way, they will come across as your way of telling your subscribers you understand what they’re going through, and you’re giving them a

Namibia Email List
Namibia Email List

TRANSACTIONS The most important thing you Namibia Email List want to remember when you’re adapting your email marketing campaigns for the new normal is this: relationships trump transactions. Consumers won’t remember the brands that kept asking them to make Namibia Email List a purchase. Instead, they’ll remember the brands that were there with them through this global health crisis. You can recover the bottom line and focus on growing sales when things have stabilized, but Namibia Email List a broken relationship with a customer can be tough to mend. KEY TAKEAWAYS Email marketing remains one of the best ways we can keep in touch with our customers in the age of COVID-19. Remember

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