And beware that chicharito will not play. As in the previous world cups. Said javier hernández himself. Waiting for this moment for a long time! Playing my 3rd world cup is a pleasure.A responsibility and a way to give something back to my country. And beware that chicharito will not play. As in the previous world cups. Javier hernández will wear the greenadisfrutar.Published the top scorer of el tri on his official twitter account .Of him. That is to say, he said that in the. 2018 russian world cup “Chicharito” would not play. But it will be javier hernández who will wear the .Green. This sunday the mexican national team will play its first match against germany.

Tricolor Will Debut Against the Germans

One of the favorite teams to win the precious trophy.  Buy Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Numbers  It will be broadcast through televisa and tv azteca. However, prior to this meeting, the revelation. Of the mexican striker caused various reactions.In the first place.  And comments among users of social networks.The popular song performed by luis fonsi and daddy yankee despacito. Has become part of the campaign and political. Discourse of andrés manuel lópez obrador.Candidate of the together we will make history coalition. In the midst of soccer fever the term “Despacito” managed to position itself within.

The Trends in Social Networks of the Mexican Market

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Said trending topic alludes to the popular song performed by luis fonsi. And daddy yankee, which has become part of the campaign. And political discourse of andrés manuel lópez obrador. Candidate of the coalition together we will make history. The term was positioned as a trend. After morena’s standard-bearer assured that. If he won the election he would dance to the rhythm of the renowned song. This was confirmed after a rally in colima. An event in which he declared “we are well and good. We are very well, now kicking the boat, it is nothing more than waiting for day 1. We are going slowly.In the first place. little by little like that song, is the one we are going to dance on day 1, despacito, little by little”. The fact has led to the success that dominated the popularity. Charts no more than a year ago to be a topic of conversation with a total.

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