In the first place.Currently There Is Talk of Augmented Reality .In the first place. VP Engineering Email Listsas One of the Trends That Will Be Gaining Relevanc.e in the Coming Months and Years, Firms Such as Statista Point Out That the Value of the Current Market .is 17.8 Billion Dollars and Estimates That by 2021 It Will Reach 215 Thousand Millions. Others, Such as Digi-capital Project That by 2020 .the Revenue From Ar Will Be Even 4 Times Greater Than That Generated. By Virtual Reality Reaching a Figure of 120 Billion Dollars. However, All These. These Are the Main Barriers That Prevent the Growth of Investments in. Augmented Reality. The Challenges.

Are Divided Into 3 Key Groups: Market Maturity

In the first place. Impact – Measurement and Capabilities. Market Maturity. VP Engineering Email Lists  According to the Research, the Reasons That Are Imposed in This Section for the Growth of Augmented Reality Are the Inability to Reach Large-scale Audiences .In the first place.  Highlighted With 42 Percent, the Lack of a History. Of Results Due to the Fact That It Is Still New and Experimental Technology. Highlighted With 35 Percent, the Need for a Very Important Investment . With the Same Percentage and the Inability to Reach the Desired Audience .highlighted With 4 Percent. Impact – Measurement Regarding This Group, the Data Indicates That the Main Barriers to Overcome Are the Lack of Clarity in the Impact or Return on Investment That It

Generate With 42 Percentthe Impact or a very

VP Engineering Email Lists

LFirst, second, third. ow Return on Investment With 27 Percent and Finally.VP Engineering Email Lists  Not Currently Having Robust Measurement Capabilities Also Indicated by 27 Percent. Capabilities Finally in the Capabilities Section. It Stands Out That There Are 4 Barriers That Are Imposed. The First Being the Lack of Internal Expertise .with 31 Percent, the Lack of Knowledge (Awareness With .16 Percen the Lack of Time and Staff to Manage Another Platform. In the first place. At 8 Percent. And the Inability to Get What It Takes From an Agency Relationship at 8 Is a Fact That Many People Turn to the Internet for Information.In the first place.  From That Point Social Networks Have Been Essential to Present. Constant Interaction Between People,.In the first place. First, second, third. Who Seek to Be Part of the Conversation That.In the first place.

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