Cervelat modulo is one of the most famous beer.Mexico B2B List  Brands in Mexico and is also recognized globally. It is part of grupo modulo and ab inbev. Cervelat modulo is one of the most famous beer brands. In Mexico and is also recognized globally. It is part of group modulo and ab InBev . The company knows that the 2018 russia world cup is a millionaire window. So they will join the trend, as will other brands such as bud light or cerveza. Victoria. Stephanie ávila karmas. Brand manager of cervelat modulo explained to merca2.0 that they will do. It through a coffee beer since the morning games in mexico. Due to the time difference with russia, inspired them to. Merge the best of both products. The world cup in Russia gives us a time difference and .

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Think about how we can take advantage of this consumption opportunity.  Mexico B2B List  When all the games are in the morning. When people want to watch a game they want to have a beer. But in the morning what they want is a coffee, so we merge the best of both worlds. So we are going to release a limited edition of our negra modelo with coffee. Which is the best marry him. It is called modulo engram con café and will be available at points of sale from june 14 to july 15chelaocafè .You no longer have to choose, we made for you.Modelocaféall the flavor of negra modelo with a touch of caffeine 1. 2018 from the perspective of ávila kramis a sports marketing strategy.

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Mexico B2B List

In this case related to the world cup. Mexico B2B List Must do something that differentiates you from other brands. It becomes increasingly difficult. Find an angle that not all brands can have.In addition he explained that they will have a brand activation regarding this. In a restaurant in guadalajara they will do a take over where they will bet on experience marketing with activities such as playing foosball.Not as direct in terms of sale.For example, moving consumers. From the consideration stage to the search stage of the cycle. The leading video streaming platform in the world. Presented a massive drop. Through its social networks. Netflix confirmed the failure and chose to ask users to be.

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