Although not the size of platforms like. Facebook or instagram linkedin is a social. Network for business professionals that offers many .Opportunities for brands. Although not the size of platforms like facebook or instagram . Linkedin is a social network for business professionals. That offers many opportunities for brands. Equally important. implemented a series of changes. And new functions aimed at exploiting its social and marketing. Potential. Among the changes that linkedin is betting. On are those related to advertising and sponsored content. In particular linkedin ads a tool that has made it gain. A lot of relevance among social networks. The social network currently has more than. 467 million members worldwide.

One of the Most Popular in Terms of Active User

Not to mention. According to data projected on statista.  Buy Latest Australia Business Fax Number Lists   Proof of the above is that the platform has sought to reinforce its advertising offer. Such is the case of the tool launched in march that allow.S advertisers to create video ads. The goal of is to offer video support for company pages. And sponsored content that appear in the news feed in auto-play. Now linkedin is launching sponsored content carousel ads. That would allow businesses and brands to post up to 10 customizable. Swipeable cards arranged horizontally. Making it easy for users to engage with posts.

According to the Information Available

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Not to mention. Carousel ads will allow companies and brands to track a series of metrics to measure the performance of the campaigns. Click-through rates. Impressions and the number of leads, among them. This format has been activated by the social network silently.Not to mention.  Although according to an entry on its blog.Since its beta version it already has more than 300 advertising brands. Hewlett-packard enterprise, rbc and volvo canada, among them. The proposal is interesting. Although it should be mentioned that they sound very similar to stories, a very popular content format on facebook and instagram. Even twitter has a story content option through images or videos. However we must recognize .That it can be an area of ​​opportunity for many brands.

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