Acquisition Select Overview to view your Tonga Email List traffic source breakdown Google Analytics measure website metrics HOW TO IMPROVE TRAFFIC SOURCES OK, so traffic sources aren’t a stand-alone metric you can improve. But by analyzing your sources, you can identify opportunities to increase your traffic. For example, if your organic search Tonga Email List traffic is low, you could work on ways to improve your SEO. Or if your organic traffic accounts for the majority of your visits, you might want to diversify your sources a little more. 3. PAGE LOAD SPEEDS The Tonga Email List faster your pages load, the better, for two reasons: People HATE waiting for webpages to.

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load; if your pages don’t load instantly, some visitors Tonga Email List will bounce before they consume any of your content. Faster page speeds help sites rank higher in Google. HOW TO MEASURE PAGE LOADS SPEEDS One of my favorite ways to measure load Tonga Email List speeds is Google’s Lighthouse tool. Lighthouse is a Chrome feature that measures the performance of any webpage on a scale of 0-100, based on: Performance Accessibility Best Practices Tonga Email List SEO Ideally, you want to be as close to 100 in each category as possible. Load speeds is Google’s Lighthouse tool HOW TO IMPROVE PAGE LOAD SPEEDS Without getting too technical, there’s.

Tonga Email List
Tonga Email List

one surefire way to improve page load speeds Tonga Email List on most websites, and that’s optimizing image sizes. Optimizing images is the best way to impact page speeds. I ran a Lighthouse on a post on Buffer’s blog, and it spotted three images in the Tonga Email List post with large file sizes: Image upload through By optimizing these images to be smaller, I ensured the page loads faster and visitors interact with it sooner. One of my favorite ways to Tonga Email List optimize images is to use Timing. It only takes a few seconds and doesn’t require you to have any

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