interest you might make their way into your Vatican City Email List future business. You can start by asking yourself: What do I learn about when I don’t have to do anything? What am I interested in? What am I curious about? What scares me? (this is my Vatican City Email List second favorite) What seems impossible? (my all-time favorite question) FOCUS ON BEING INTERESTING When I first started blogging, I saw all these bloggers talking about “85 ways to use Twitter” and all I could think was “this is so boring.” So, instead of focusing on writing 86 ways to use Vatican City Email List twitter, I wrote about what was interesting to me (and use the blog as an excuse to do interesting things). I made an

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impossible list of the things I wanted to do with Vatican City Email List my life and started documenting it. That was the first thing I did that garnered attention and helped me get traction as someone doing interesting things worth paying attention to. The Vatican City Email List impossible list For me, this meant taking something I wanted to do in real life and writing about it. For the longest time, I referred to IMPOSSIBLE as an excuse to live an Vatican City Email List interesting life. If you want to write something interesting, the easiest way is to do something interesting and then write about it. The best part about this approach that even if things don’t work out like you might have imagined them — you’ll.

Vatican City Email List
Vatican City Email List

still have a fantastic story for the Vatican City Email List blog (and your life). TRY TO BE AS HELPFUL AS POSSIBLE As interesting as reading about your experiences may be, the best blog in the world won’t automatically print you money. The Vatican City Email List way you can turn that blog into a business is by being helpful. Interesting is good for attention. Helpful is good for business. Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running gained credibility with his 2:39 Vatican City Email List marathon time (that’s super fast for those of you following along at home), but his business started booming when he helped fix people’s pain points — literally. His most popular posts are on rehabbing and preventing

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