measures, the fight against corruption Iran Email List still takes place in these times. However, it is understood that, if corruption is not Iran Email List controlled, it can frustrate projects or progress in any public or private sphere ”. It is suggested to replace the word gives by continues . “Education in ethical aspects and values ​​must be given to public Iran Email List officials as well as to the general public.” It is suggested to replace the word given by given. 2. Colloquialisms In academic writing, the uses of words considered colloquial are usually sanctioned. These ​Some terms typical of everyday life appear in academic writing. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid them.

Cyberbullying – A Dangerous Trend

​Examples “In addition, it is observed that Iran Email List power was distributed to allies of Fujimorismo, which means that many decisions are summarized in a unambiguous ruling in favor of the Executive Power.” It is recommended to replace fed up with Iran Email List various ones . “Therefore, candidates who apply in the coming years should be evaluated and not sit idly by .” It is recommended to omit the expression stand idly by. 3. Redundancy Sometimes unnecessary Iran Email List words are repeated in academic writing. These incur cases of lexical redundancy. This refers to the repetitive use of terms in contiguous sentences. These cases must b.

Iran Email List
Iran Email List

e corrected, as they can interrupt the Iran Email List understanding of ideas. Examples “For this reason, it should be analyzed which sectors in the Peruvian State are affected by corruption. These sectors will be concessioner to the private sector . ” It is s Iran Email List usuggested to omit the second appearance of sectors and replace the last word sector with the private sector. “This case can be illustrated in the multiple supreme decrees issued by Fujimori, which s Iran Email List erved to bribe multiple officials.” It is suggested to replace the term multiple with diverse. It should be understood that writing is part of a process. In it, errors are corrected gradually. On the other

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