they form, paragraphs. These, like drawings Kyrgyzstan Email List of flowers, leaves or branches, intertwine in different ways to form a single element, whose existence is far from ending in those colors that capture attention. For it to exist, the blanket needs Kyrgyzstan Email List knots that tie the threads and give consistency to the fabric. A text, likewise, needs elements that generate that unity: the connectors. Like knots, connectors, often go unnoticed. This Kyrgyzstan Email List happens, many times, because they lack referential meaning by themselves. Isolated, the “why”, “why” or “then” seem irrelevant words in the language. However, between two sentences, they can become central elements of.

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meaning. For example, “she loves him, because Kyrgyzstan Email List he is beautiful” does not mean the same as “she loves him; therefore, it is beautiful ”. Ideas and information are potentially found in sentences, but in isolation and in no order to clarify Kyrgyzstan Email List them, they are meaningless. The expository paragraph and the causal strategy The purpose of the expository paragraph is to explain, for example, a problem in an objective and orderly way from Kyrgyzstan Email List true and verifiable (scientific) data. On the one hand, to write an expository paragraph, it is necessary to refer to a specific topic and have the information that is planned to be developed in it. On the other hand,

Kyrgyzstan Email List
Kyrgyzstan Email List

before starting the writing, it is necessary to plan Kyrgyzstan Email List the structure that you intend to follow. This is very relevant, since the way in which the information is organized favors comprehension on the part of the readers. Expository paragraphs are Kyrgyzstan Email List usually structured around three types of ideas: main idea, which raises the topic to be developed; secondary ideas, which indicate the components or aspects of the topic; and tertiary Kyrgyzstan Email List ideas, which, finally, provide the details exhaustively. This structure can be exemplified in a paragraph that refers to causes and consequences. In this case, a central topic is delimited in at least two causes, which function as.

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