The Funnel (MoFu) Bottom Of The Funnel (BoFu) Attract Awareness Consideration Conversion Who’s Responsible Marketers Marketers and sales Sales Liechtenstein Email List Target Customers Problem aware Solution and product aware Most aware Liechtenstein Email List What It Involves Answer common inquiries, typically tactical content like how-tos and tutorials Marketers nurture leads and boost trust with content (e.g., case studies); qualify leads with sales Liechtenstein Email List teams Close deals with demos, follow-ups, etc. Keep reading — we’ll detail how this looks in the next section. DIFFERENCE #3: ACTIVITIES Marketing uses a massive group of activities centered around

Think Out-of-the-Box to Reach New Business Prospects

research and content creation. Say you’re creating a Liechtenstein Email List content strategy to directly address your target and current customers’ needs. You might engage in activities like: SALES TEAM INTERVIEW Interview sales reps who Liechtenstein Email List frequently interact with prospects, leads, and clients. You’ll identify your target audience’s needs and wants, and generate new content ideas for all stages of the buying journey. RESEARCH Interview Liechtenstein Email List customers and subject matter experts for further content ideas. You can find the latter group in professional networks or by using tools like HARO and Qwoted. This form of research adds credibility and authority to

Liechtenstein Email List
Liechtenstein Email List

your content. GRAPHIC DESIGN Create visuals like Liechtenstein Email List infographics, charts, and graphs to explain complex concepts using Liechtenstein Email List tools like Relay That. You can use these visuals in your content (e.g., eBooks, blog posts, white papers) to engage with your target audience. Relay That What about sales? Sales activities focus on qualifying leads and optimizing the sales process. It takes multiple conversations or attempts to close a Liechtenstein Email List deal in the B2B world. To coax a lead to buy or a client to upgrade a current plan, you might engage in the following activities: FOLLOW UP Email or call when the lead didn’t respond the first time, using a different

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