Deo options abound. Particularly given its growing influence and success. For content marketing. At the moment its usefulness has been. Used in social networks due to the immediacy they have. But, although it works when videos for the web. Are not created it is possible that the. Strategy does not obtain greater benefits. Exploring a way video can become a source of revenue. For a business requires going digital. The data backs it up video brings more search traffic. According to studies from aberdeen and hubspot. When companies incorporate video content into their. Strategy they have 41 percent .More search traffic than companies that do not.

The reason for the above point is understandable

Knowing that videos often stand out in search results. Buy Israel WhatsApp Number Thanks to rich snippets, and attract a lot. Of clicks even if they don’t rank in the top three. In fact google offers more exposure to video content by featuring. Featured snippets in position zero. These are the benefits of using video on the web .Convert more users according to video marketing company eyeview .Adding video doesn’t mean simply posting any content on a page and expecting a return. It should determine if it’s useful for site visitors to achieve their conversion goal.

While the definition of a conversion goal varies

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Results from various companies show the power of their contet. To convert site visitors. Webprofits added a video to the landing page and. Saw the conversion rate increase by 16.4 percent at a 90 percent trust rate. Lead to more purchases while video’s ability. To drive more clicks and increase leads through conversions is amazing. It also positively affects customers’. Purchasing decisions. Google data. Indicates that one in three millennials say they bought. A product after watching a how-to video.For animoto, 96 percent of users. Said videos were helpful in making online purchase decisions. Therefore they can be leveraged to generate revenue. As well as motivate and increase engagement.

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