For the rest, leafing through a literary text is to Georgia Email List come across figurative language. For example, in the circular ruins by Jorge Luis Borges, it is read that dreaming is “much more arduous than weaving a rope of sand or hiding the wind Georgia Email List without a face” (2018: 50). Now, it would be a falsehood who thinks that connotative language is exclusive to literary genres. On the contrary, it crosses different disciplines and textual types: from the Georgia Email List newspaper article to the scientific one . This blog post contains, for example, more than one metaphor. In the sentence “to leaf through a literary text is to run intowith figurative language ”, the verb.

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“ bump into ”demands an interpretation from the Georgia Email List reader. Philosophical essays, too, abound in metaphors: the famous Nietzschean dictum “God is dead” illustrates how philosophical rhetoric operates. Furthermore, despite the fact Georgia Email List that, since the 19th century, the language of scientific articles has tried to purge itself of figurative language, scientists still, from time to time, resort to metaphors to express their ideas. For Georgia Email List example, to express his position regarding Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Albert Einstein stated: “God does not play dice.” That is, Einstein was opposed to Heisenberg’s idea that, in the microscopic world.

Georgia Email List
Georgia Email List

, certain pairs of physical variables, such as the Georgia Email List position and velocity of a particle, could not be determined simultaneously. According to Heisenberg, the more accurately the position of a particle is known, the less its velocity can be defined. It is Georgia Email List common to find Einstein’s dictum in scientific and popular texts that deal with Heisenberg. Ultimately, figurative language implies the transmission of information in two directions, the Georgia Email List understanding of which depends on the relevant handling of the codes by the receiver. Thus, the word combinations suggest a hidden meaning. Likewise, it is imperative to disregard the commonplace that the.

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