will damage your sender reputation and Albania Email List send your mail to the spam folder. Also, don’t use CAPITALS. Watch Stay away from gimmicky words and phrases: Buy Now, Click Here, Free, Double Your Money Making, Get Paid, Make Albania Email List Cash, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Low Price, Save Big, etc. Using black type is easy to read, looks professional and clean. Avoid too much-colored fonts. They’ll only excite spam filters. Keep the Albania Email List number of links minimized and don’t use URL sharpeners. Avoid certain attachment types In general, .jpg, .gif, .pang and .pdf attachments are safe to send, provided you include some content in the email as.

Focus every bit of your content

well. However, executable attachments Albania Email List such as .exe, .zip, .swift, etc. should be avoided entirely. If you need to email a large attachment or an attachment type that usually can be flagged as spam or trigger virus scanners, we recommend Albania Email List services such as DropBox.com or Google Drive. If the attachment contains sensitive data, you may consider using your company’s secure FTP server. Balance the image-to-text ratio Keep images Albania Email List minimal. Having more space in the body of an email taken up by images than by text raises lots of red flags. Aim for a high text to image area ratio. Some tips while using the image : Do not send any.

Albania Email List

Clean your email list before sending

image-only emails For every graphic, include Albania Email List at least two lines of text Optimize your images the best you can Use well-formed HTML for email Provide a clear unsubscribe link As a marketer, if your focus is to put up sign-up forms on Albania Email List prominent places where they’re easy to find, the same should apply to the Unsubscribe option. Nobody likes it when somebody unsubscribes from their email list. However, providing a clear way to Albania Email List unsubscribe means that users are less likely to get frustrated and just mark you as spam. Follow rules & technical aspects Rules & Tech Rules& Tech Be aware of the is a law that sets the rules for commercial.

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