include attribution that proves the statistics to Egypt Email List overcome this imaginary (but still compelling) objection. You can do this within the image, like in the example below from Statista, or simply put the footnotes in the caption. When attributing your sources Egypt Email List, don’t refer to another infographic or just the first result on Google. Find the highest-quality source you can find and direct curious viewers to it. That’s the best way to establish your credibility and your Egypt Email List infographic’s authority. 3. IMPROPER SCALE It’s surprising how many designers.

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make this apparently obvious error, but it can Egypt Email List sometimes be challenging to work around the realities of the numbers you’re trying to discuss. You must make sure you scale visual elements appropriately so the infographic is visually pleasing and Egypt Email List readable. For example, a graph showing a cost of $10 for one item and $1,000 for another would be tricky to read because of the large and small sizes. Either the “$10” is unreadably small or the “$1,000” Egypt Email List dominates the page, leaving little space for other elements. One solution is.

Egypt Email List

batching data points in groups, so you might Egypt Email List compare the total cost of several things to a single large item’s cost. You can also put the largest item only partially on the screen, like in those solar system images where you see each planet and just a Egypt Email List wedge of the sun. The same concern applies to balancing informative text with eye-friendly graphics while still leaving enough whitespace to avoid overwhelming the viewer. Keep your Egypt Email List sentences short and your illustrations clean to maximize extra space, and if all else fails, divide the presentation into multiple infographics. Another common issue is scaling graphics in a way that doesn’t

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