on and helps to streamline Oman Phone Number List communication. Appium Creative Brief You can also use the creative brief to make sure your design team gets all the specs right — especially when running an ad on multiple platforms (Facebook and Instagram) that requires different image sizes and resolutions. Bonus: When you get Oman Phone Number List started, it’s helpful to compare what others in your industry are doing. You can go to Facebook Ad Library and Oman Phone Number List search for competitors you want to “spy” on. Here’s Jack comparing Appium ads with other competitors and giving you a few tips on making sure that your ads are high in quality. 4. KEEP AN EYE ON THE ENGAGEMENT Facebook’s biggest asset is its users. Not the advertisers, not you as a marketer. (except

Strategies For Reciprocal Linking

when you use Facebook as a user). They make Oman Phone Number List more money when the users are happy and return to Facebook and interact with relevant ads. That’s where engagement comes in. When Facebook first rolled out its ad platform, the ad Oman Phone Number List algorithm was simply to get people to click on the ads. Today, it’s gotten more sophisticated, especially on tracking engagement, because that helps drive the right ads to the right Oman Phone Number List users. That being said, the more engagement you have, the more the ad platform will love you — which translates into lower CPMs (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions). Besides, having people engage with your ads (likes, shares,

Oman Phone Number List
Oman Phone Number List

comments) means their friends may see the Oman Phone Number List ads, too. Note: If you’re running a top-of-funnel campaign to build higher brand awareness, engagement could even be the metric to judge if you have high-quality ads. You can also use the Oman Phone Number List engagement stats as a trigger to serve other ads. For example, Appium has a campaign targeting users who were engaged with its Facebook page in the past 60 days but haven’t visited the Oman Phone Number List website or bought anything yet. Appium Custom Audiences Campaign Targeting A similar example targeting users who watched at least 50% of any Appium video on Facebook: Appium Custom

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