reframes our offer as a no-brainer. If you could Serbia Consumer Email List know that your ads only target companies like , would that be Serbia Consumer Email List interesting to you? Lastly, we include a P.S. offering to help them if they are open to looking at other ad agencies. P.S. We can also help you find a consultant in our trusted growth network to execute the ads for CASE STUDY #2: PICO Pico helps you monetize your online community. They Serbia Consumer Email List streamline email capture, user sign-up, and payments. Pico creates a journey for users to join your community and to support your work financially. landing page It’s also no-code and integrates easily with WordPress and other.

Self-Sabotage and Start Writing

hosting platforms. For Pico, we identified yoga Serbia Consumer Email List studios as a potential audience to target. Why? With social distancing, most studios were forced to close or to take their classes online. That may sound simple enough — just use Zoom Serbia Consumer Email List and throw up a PayPal link — and some yoga studios did just that. There were also a lot of yoga studios that were closed, at least temporarily. QUANTIFYING THE PAIN: YOGA EDITION So, how Serbia Consumer Email List did we quantify the pain for yoga studios? We started with Yelp. It turns out that some yoga studios already have virtual classes, which is to be expected. These studios might even still be a lead, as they may have trouble.

Serbia Consumer Email List
Serbia Consumer Email List

collecting email sign-ups and payments. For now, Serbia Consumer Email List we need a stronger indicator of pain; we’ll disqualify them. In searching Yelp, we also found many yoga studios that weren’t offering online classes yet. Naji For those studios, Yelp had a Serbia Consumer Email List generic message about COVID-19, and to “please contact the studio” directly. We then used an advanced Google search with these criteria to find yoga studios that might be a fit. Our search Serbia Consumer Email List criteria included: Pages with the word “yoga” Pages without the phrase “virtual classes” Only search pages on the domain Advance Ads search for virtual yoga classes The search results returned 105,000

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