charged for them. If you wait and import yourself Portugal Email List afterward, you can check through for fake emails or spam bots and remove them first to save yourself some money. We’ll go over how to quality check your new email Portugal Email List subscribers in step. Once you’ve set your giveaway up, publish it, and admire your new landing page in all its glory! Published giveaway page OK, enough admiring, back to work 🙂 5. PROMOTE YOUR GIVEAWAY (+ COORDINATE WITH PARTNERS) This is where the actual work begins 🙂 Don’t allow your hard work to Portugal Email List be for nothing — finish strong and promote well. Before the first day of the giveaway, make sure the partners know the start and end dates, and send them any creative assets like images you’ve.

Self Promotion As Advertising

created that might be useful for Portugal Email List promotion. For example, if they’ve agreed to email their list about the giveaway, write email copy for them that they can use. Tip: Try not to demand they use your creative assets. They might want to Portugal Email List promote their own way, but let them know they can use it if they want to. On the giveaway’s first day, remind your partners that it’s live and ready to promote, and be sure to provide them the Portugal Email List giveaway page URL. A. FRONTLOAD THE PROMOTING Day 1 of your giveaway is when 90% of your promotion should happen because the results of a viral-based giveaway will compound with each new.

Portugal Email List
Portugal Email List

entrant since they’ll be sharing it with their Portugal Email List social followers, friends, etc. B. USE ALL YOUR EXISTING ASSETS Have an existing email list? Email your people about the giveaway. Even though they’re already subscribed, they’ll share Portugal Email List it with their friends and followers. Have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn presence? Promote promote promote. Strong Coffee Even if you don’t have much of an audience, use Portugal Email List your personal network and anything else you have to promote the giveaway. Other places I’ve had great results with, and that anyone can use with or without an existing audience, is Reddit and.

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