LinkedIn — check. To further qualify them as a Saudi Arabia Email List potential lead for Primer, we needed to identify if their ads were being served to the wrong people. We took a simple approach, examining the comments on many of their LinkedIn ads. A lot Saudi Arabia Email List of them turned out to be spam, or from accounts that didn’t appear to be in their target market of the United States. Here’s one example: AtlassianSpam ads Basically, Atlassian was paying Saudi Arabia Email List LinkedIn for spam, and throwing away their ad dollars. This indicated the existence of a significant pain for Atlassian. Atlassian may or may not have been aware of this pain, but, based on these criteria, they looked.

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to be a qualified lead for Saudi Arabia Email List Primer. PART TWO: QUANTIFYING PAIN BY AD SPEND To further validate our hypothesis, we used SimilarWeb to look up traffic for potential leads and find the domain’s traffic sources. SimilarWeb to Saudi Arabia Email List look up traffic sources From here, we researched pay-per-click costs for some target keywords, and found the cost to be between $0.79-0.97, depending on the source. We then took the Saudi Arabia Email List traffic that comes from programmatic display ads to figure out how much Atlassian spends per month on digital ads. This is incredible data to use in creating copy for email campaigns to this client (and at scale). For

Saudi Arabia Email List
Saudi Arabia Email List

instance, if Atlassian spends $200,000/month on digital ads Saudi Arabia Email List, and we can improve their conversion rate by 5-10% through more accurate targeting, that’s up to $20,000 dollar savings for them due to the improved targeting offered by Saudi Arabia Email List Primer. In other words, it supercharges the offer in our email copy, making it a no-brainer for Saudi Arabia Email List them to at least try Primer to see if it works. Next, let’s get into how to apply our research to the email copy for cold outbound. THE EMAIL MESSAGE: PRIMER Here’s the email we use. Scout uses variations of this message to get 80-90% open rates and 16-24% reply rates. Two of the most important

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