The community manager of tuzos. Del pachuca did not hesitate a second to join the trolling of argentina. However he did not turn out as well as he thought. Argentina was sadly beaten by three goals against croatia. Which led to numerous posts on social networks. Alluding to the bad game and the disappearance of lionel messi. Even this led to a call for service to the channel 5 community. Looking for messias a joke. For this reason the community manager. Of tuzos del pachuca did not hesitate a second to join the trolling however. He did not turn out as well as he thought. The cm chose to place “That moment where. The argentines wanted to naturalize my pérez rabbit”

Marioni immediately responded

Defending argentinawith do you play ‘minecraft.’ and need a jobthat comment mocking you is in bad taste. When you have and have had many. China WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists Argentines in your great historywhich immediately triggered numerous opinions. “the joke, joke or joke is luxury. But never that it comes. From an institutional figure that claims. To promote other types of values. What a coward that tuzos deleted the tweet. Instead of facing the mistake and apologizing.” once the cm saw the support for marioni’s opinion. He decided to delete the tweet.Perhaps the worst strategy he could think of.

That is why community managers must have

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A brand crisis containment plan and even more so. They must previously review how they will join. The digital conversation. Only the hashtag argentinacroatia. Generated 7 million 226 thousand 487 impressions. And 5 million 290 thousand 944 accounts reached. According to tweetreachmessi generated 4 million. 128 thousand 734 in 3 million 105 thousand 734 twitter accounts. According to figures from tweetreach.Despite the efforts. Of campaigns such as samsung’s”Do the impossible. To make argentines reflect. Asking for more enjoymen. Hope in the team and less anger at the results of their national team. The truth is that their performance leaves much to be desired.

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