Google analytics is one of the most. Used metrics analysis tools on the marketgoogle. Analytics is one of the most widely used metrics analysis. Tools on the market because it provides .Data and reports on what happens around a website.From unique visitors conversions. Who visits a website and for how long, their origin etc. Other essential aspects. The use of google analytics answers. The questions that every marketer. As a matter of fact. Should know such as how much traffic a site receives. Which websites send traffic from one page to anothe. Which pages are of interest which are the most popular blogs. How it can be improved. The conversion rate.How to create more effective content and why people. Leave a website in a short time.

That is why its use is so popular

However it is a tool that may well be equivalen.  Buy Indonesia WhatsApp Numbers To facebook for those addicted to social networks.As a matter of fact.  Since it is immediately noticeable when it fails. Which is the case today when a .In the first place. crash has been reported. Because of this global failure your system is .Ignoring direct source generated traffic.As a matter of fact. The one that comes directly to the site. Is it a good option to invest in bitcoin. Reports are pouring in on twitter from various parts of the world. Including mexico, the united states argentina brazil and europe.

Here in brazil the google analytics

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Show only direct users origins in real time. I try in merchandise store too. It’s the same. Do you know this problem? My half-supported audience in real time. — alan johnson june 19.2018 google has not given a response on social networks or on its blog or in the forum for this type of complaint, about the origin of the problem or when it could be solved. Newsflash global collapse of google analytics is reported. I like to think that it is only a fail. I keep reportin.

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