06/07/2018 written by Ivan Nava digital marketing .Singapore B2B List Marketing social networks this format has its origins. In snapchat about two years ago but it became more popular. After Instagram the facebook photo and video app. Adapted it to its platform. For some years now, sharing stories or stories that disappear after a certain period. Of time has become a very popular way in which users. -and brands- publish content on social networks. This format has its origins in snapchat about two years ago. But it became more popular after Instagram the Facebook photo and video. App, adapted it to its platform. Now Instagram wants to continue exploiting this format to the fulles. Since it has just released an update for both ios and.

That Users Can Repost or Add Content to the Stories in Which They Are Tagged

According to a post on the app’s blog. this feature known as mention sharing can .Only be used on public accounts otherwise they won’t be republished.  Singapore B2B List   Without a doubt. Stories-type videos have been a success in fact. TechCrunch data indicates that until last November. WhatsApp and instagram already had 300 million active users. The most active (even surpassing the number of snapchat user.It is a format that instagram seeks to exploit. To the fullest. The application that currently has around 813 million users. An example of this is what we recently shared with you. Of the intention to launch a new. Function that would allow users to share stories .

Android Which as a Novelty Presents the Possibility

Singapore B2B List

Of up to an hour in length .Singapore B2B List Something that is in accordance with some specialists. Would allow it to compete with YouTube. Even more it could perfectly ad hoc with one of the most. Recent changes that Instagram implemented. That of allowing multiple photos and videos to be uploaded simultaneously to stories. In an easier and more agile way . These types of actions are aimed at improving the user experience .With this type of user, which has been adopted by more and more accounts. But whose purpose would not only be to attract ‘common’ users. But could also be adapted to the marketing strategy of influencers. For example. Especially those that could have sensitive content. Facebook’s reputation is going from bad to worse. And its business is losing the greatest asset it has: the trust of its audiences.

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