It is important to recognize those applications. That will be great allies during the next month. They will be great allies for football lovers who do. Not want to miss a single detail during russia 2018. One of the most anticipated. Events around the world is about to start. The kick-off of the 2018 world cup in russia is getting closer. And the expectation of both fans and brands and media grows exponentially. In this vein, and considering the times in which. The matches will be played, audiences will seek all available. Resources so as not to lose any detail of what promises to be. One of the great events this year. According to a survey. Carried out by the national advertising association.53 percent of the mexicans surveyed will follow the games. In a fixed place, such as their home, restaurants or the office.

Of the Latter 43 Percent Will Follow It Online 25 Percent

On social networks and only 9 percent on television. Venezuela WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists   For this reason it is important to recognize those applications that. Will be great allies during the next month. They will be great allies for football lovers who do not want. To miss a single detail of the sports event.Fifa world cup russia this is the official applicatio.N of the tournament from which you can check the latest. News scores results upcoming games and schedules of meetings of interest. This tool is available for ios and android devices. Onefootball live soccer scores application that allows.Users to keep up to date on the latest events in the world of soccer. In terms of summaries scores or news in general.

It Offers the Possibility of Choosing Those Teams That

Venezuela WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

u want to follow to obtain related content asA first option. At&t fifa world cup users will be able to “Follow” the teams that are of. Interest to them to receive information in real time once the tournament starts. Exclusive videos and photos of the matches and players. Are part of the offer that adds to the possibility of making a calendar to follow the 64 games. My national team the platform offers exclusive content and notifications out of the moment .About everything that revolves around the mexican squad and. Its performance in the tournament. It is available for both ios and android devices. Sofa score it is an application that encompasses all world sports. Divided by disciplines and tournaments, including those related to soccer and the world cup. It provides in detail and live each of the matches played.

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