Photo Credit Reuters Image. But in fact, the elections conducted by. The CCP are very different from those in Western society. The two biggest differences are: The result of the election is completely controllable by the CCP. But only ratify the fact that who has the right to decide who belongs to political office. And cannot bring about a transfer of power. Since even the right to vote is just a play. The broad participation right mentioned by Xi is even more amazing. He is not explaining from a positive perspective why people under the CCP’s rule can widely participate in the process of policy formulation, but that the CCP’s politics is not.

For Example in Western Democracies

Only the hype during the election campaign has no right to speak after the election, only the favored during the canvassing, and the cold shoulder after the election. Xi affirmed that the CCP is not like democracy in Western countries, but it is just a show, so how exactly the CCP allows Image Manipulation Service the people to have extensive participation in the policy-making process, but he did not say clearly. That is, because the voting and broad participation he said simply cannot withstand the scrutiny of other countries with such experience from the outside, he then means that these self-defined democracies should not be governed by the “minority” outsiders who are not ruled by.

It is Up to the People Under

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This system and the international community to judge whether it is really democracy. But obviously, except for a few protests against local officials or specific to be a luxury and have become a necessity for entrepreneurs and smaller companies to have a better relationship with DM Databases their customers, differentiate from the competition and grow as a business. Important aspects when choosing a technological tool tools for the entrepreneur policies, the people of the CCP do not have the freedom to express their dissenting opinions in public. This freedom of expression without the freedom of expression violates the basic principles of democracy. Therefore, Xi can replace the domestic manipulation and suppression of the people with money.

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