The response from the mexican retailer was negative. But as salvador iglesias’ assistant is an employee. Who is very committed to the brand. He works for he decided to ‘infiltrate’ one of the department. Store chain’s stores to ‘clandestinely’ place the new cuervos. Jerseys which said incidentally. They return to show designs of the charly futbol brand. Even convincing one of the employees to help him place. The shirts on the windows and mannequins. This bold move by hugo sánchez served to re-involve charly futbol and liverpool itself on twitter. As they posted a message warning the sports. Brand that they could receive a call from the retailer in which they he asks that. “You do not believe anything in a clear. Allusion to his infiltration in one of his stores.

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Hugo sánches went to propose to liverpool to be a distributor. Of club de cuervos jerseys “In support of mexico” and naturally.  Algeria WhatsApp Marketing Database   The response of the mexican retailer was negative. The premiere of la balada de hugo sánchez. A spin-off of club de cuervos on netflix exactly after the surprise victory of the mexican. Team over its counterpart from germany, has been a successful. Move on the part of the platform. But it does not stay there, since he continues. To send salvador iglesias’ assistant to fulfill impossible missions. Now the co-president of club cuervos. Sent hugo sánchez to propose. To liverpool to be a distributor of the team’s.

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Terms of activations and launches of products. And services for the 2018 world cup in russia. One of them is the panini album. The italian publisher has the license to be offered as official fifa merchandise. Since its launch it has caused a furor among. Fans of one of the most popular sports in mexico soccer. Children and adults invest about 2 thousand pesos in it. Since the hardcover edition is priced at 99 pesos. While each envelope costs 14 pesos, which includes 5 stamps. It is a total of 682. Therefore. The cost to fill the album is higher than two thousand pesos. And why not if the brand’s marketing strategy focuses on staying. Current in the consumer’s mind through resources. Such as being attentive to the digital conversation. And taking advantage of it.

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