them into your plans. Make both sides work Malawi Email List TOGETHER to grow a business. Do that, and you’ll start raking in profits. COMMENTS marketing budget, a significant portion of your money and time should be spent analyzing the buying patterns Malawi Email List of your existing customer base and going after repeat business. However, you can’t chase everyone. This is especially true if you are a small business owner with limited resources. You must be selective! Malawi Email List To increase your repeat sales, you should focus your efforts on a specific pool of customers who are guaranteed to boost your profits. But who are these customers, and how do you find t

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hem? This is where the 80/20 rule comes in. Below Malawi Email List is an analysis I recently performed on Bumblebee Linens. First, I created a special segment in Google Analytics based on customer revenue. special segment in Google Analytics based on Malawi Email List customer revenue over 100 Then, I used this data to create a breakdown of my customer distribution based on average order value (AOV) – or the average total of a customer’s order. Customer Malawi Email List distribution based on average order value Note: The average order value for Bumblebee Linens is around $60, which is why I chose $30 (half of my AOV) and $120 (double my AOV) as my thresholds. You

Malawi Email List
Malawi Email List

can create these reports on your own by creating Malawi Email List segments in Google Analytics. Or, you can simply download this data directly from your shopping cart and use a spreadsheet to collate your numbers. According to the graph above, almost Malawi Email List half of my customers (about 46%) spent less than $30, and only 10% spent more than $120. In other words, most of my customers spend less than half of my AOV! Then, I took a look at my revenue Malawi Email List distribution as a percentage of sales based on AOV. I was astonished to find that my big spenders – customers who spend over $120 per order – generate almost half of my overall sales. But my

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