Exit = Loss of Opportunity. Take a leaf out Great Britain Email List of B-School’s book: Invite users who require additional help to contact you — and make your contact information highly visible. Clearly show your contact information on the FAQ page! B-School does Great Britain Email List this in places where users expect: In the last question and near the footer.[*] 7. PISTOL LAKE faq examples pistol lake Industry: Ecommerce Why It Works: Do you know the most popular questions in your FAQs? If you do, you should put them right at the top, like how Pistol Lake Great Britain Email List does here. These popular articles serve as an extra form of fast navigation, boosting the user experience. Each

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question has an entire page devoted to the Great Britain Email List answer, and the page opens in a new browser tab. If you’re looking for an alternative to collapsing your answers yet still make it easier for users to view, this is worth a shot. Tip: To locate your most Great Britain Email List popular questions, go to your analytics dashboard to see which pages have the most visits. Creating an FAQ page from scratch? Go through customers’ inquiries and find the most Great Britain Email List common questions. 8. KALEIGH MOORE faq examples Kaleigh more Industry: Freelancing Why It Works: Your FAQ page helps you convince prospects you’re the right choice. Freelance B2B content writer Kaleigh

Great Britain Email List
Great Britain Email List

Moore does this well. She lists questions tha Great Britain Email List t prospects don’t know how to ask and subtly highlights her value proposition in several answers:[*] Proven track record of results-driven content creation Extensive network of expert sources from Great Britain Email List her 6+ years of experience Effective process that ensures a smooth collaboration These value props prove to prospects that Kaleigh is a PRO, and not a random amateur writer who’s just Great Britain Email List winging it. 9. GROWTH MACHINE faq examples growth machine Industry: Agency Why It Works: Here’s a genius approach by Growth Machine. This agency uses its FAQ page to prequalify its customers.

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