with hygiene supplies like hand sanitizer and Catalan Email List toilet paper. People went to buy necessities at Costco Wholesale during coronavirus pandemic Source It’s a vivid reminder that our buying behavior is often driven primarily by emotion — in this case, fear and anxiety WHY EMOTIONAL PERSUASION IS NECESSARY We’d all like to think our decisions are based on logic and information, but as Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg notes, there are two serious problems with that idea. Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg notes – A Common Assumption Source First, people Catalan Email List tend to look for information that confirms their existing.

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attitudes. If you give them information that goes Catalan Email List against what they already think, they’ll often find a way to dismiss it. Psychologists call this confirmation bias. Second, even if you can change peoples’ attitudes, they may not take action. Millions Catalan Email List of people want to eat a healthier diet, stop smoking, or start working out. But they don’t actually do it. Simply having the right attitude doesn’t necessarily translate into the right behavior. Fogg Catalan Email List calls it the information-action fallacy: “information alone does not reliably change peoples’ behavior.”[*And it highlights a point long known to psychologists: we rely on emotions to guide us in most of

Catalan Email List
Catalan Email List

our decision-making. In a landmark 1994 study, Catalan Email List neuroscientist Antonio Damasio studied patients who had sustained damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, a key area of the brain for integrating emotion and cognition. Damasio found that Catalan Email List these patients had a reduced ability to feel emotion, and as a result, were less able to make rational choices. Damasio discusses a famous patient known as Elliot, who lost the ability to Catalan Email List feel emotion after his prefrontal cortex was damaged during brain surgery to remove a tumor. Previously, Elliot had been an accomplished businessman and a caring husband. But after the surgery, his life fell apart.

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