, for example, the implementation of new software. Hong Kong Email List Finally, the authors mention that this new technique can be used in the treatment of various diseases related to the skin, such as psoriasis and dermatitis. When reviewing the example Hong Kong Email List presented, it can be seen that none of the ideas are adequately explained. For example, it is not clear how a 3D printer works or what the in vivo printing process refers to . In addition, ideas have Hong Kong Email List been placed that do not contribute directly to the explanation of the objective of the article, such as the historical review and the implementation of new software . This is because important ideas have not been distinguished from those.

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that should be omitted; In other words, a Hong Kong Email List summary has not been presented, but a “collage of ideas”. Consequently, this fragment will not be helpful when organizing the information, as it does not present the most relevant of the article. A more Hong Kong Email List appropriate reading proposal is presented below. Version 2 The aim of the authors is to present a new technique in the three-dimensional bioprinting process. This technique, called in vivo Hong Kong Email List printing , will allow doctors to print the patient’s skin in the same operating room, which implies a greater speed in the process. In the first place, it is pointed out that these printers use a biotin composed of a solution of living cells.

Hong Kong Email List
Hong Kong Email List

belonging to the epidermis, which have been Hong Kong Email List previously obtained from the patient. In this way, biocompatibility between the patient’s body and the manufactured piece of skin is ensured. Second, using biotin, the dermis is imprinted and, without solution Hong Kong Email List in between, the epidermis is imprinted. In other words, one skin layer is grown within the other in one step. This differs from the processing vitro , in which the layers of the dermal structure are printed separately, which can take up to seven days. Consequently, by means of the in vivo process Hong Kong Email List , a graft that presents a greater compatibility with the patient is obtained more quickly. In conclusion, due to the benefits

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