is usually trying to sell — or convince visitors to Luxembourg Phone Number List buy into — something, while a squeeze page is trying to get a piece of information from your visitors quickly. Take a look: Squeeze Page Squeeze Page: Screenshot of WordStream squeeze Luxembourg Phone Number List page Landing Page Squeeze Page: Screenshot of landing page A squeeze page can even come in the form of a pop-up, such as a Welcome Mat. But not all pop-ups are the same as Luxembourg Phone Number List a squeeze page. Welcome mats are different because they take over the entire screen, unlike a typical pop-up, which only takes a small portion. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Penniless Prairie Girl welcome mat I explain how to create

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a squeeze page using Sumo’s Welcome Mat in the Luxembourg Phone Number List last section of this guide. But for now, let’s look at each of the components Luxembourg Phone Number List of a successful squeeze page. Now every great squeeze page has six elements. We’ll break each of them down, and show you how to build a successful squeeze page of your own. SQUEEZE PAGE ELEMENT #1: A GREAT OFFER The most important element of a squeeze page is the offer. If your offer is on point, the rest of the elements (almost) don’t matter. Your offer must be in line with what your Luxembourg Phone Number List customers want; it needs to be relevant. I see too many companies offering something their customers couldn’t care less about. If

Luxembourg Phone Number List
Luxembourg Phone Number List

your visitors land on a blog page about email Luxembourg Phone Number List marketing, don’t try to get them to sign up for a generic “grow your Luxembourg Phone Number List business” guide. While it’s somewhat relevant, it’s still too far off from what they really want (email marketing advice). A better offer would be a guide specifically to email marketing in this case. Here are some examples: Less-than-Ideal Offer: Squeeze Page: Screenshot of suqeeze page from Copyblogger While this Luxembourg Phone Number List free training from Copyblogger is awesome, it’s not super compelling because it’s so generic. “Superior business results” doesn’t speak to me and my specific business.[*] Great Offer: Squeeze Page: Screenshot of squeeze page on

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