Is not very interested in collective employment. I have found people along the way who have shown me love and devotion. But it is difficult to find someone who is willing to sacrifice his personal work for the sake of the collective. However I don’t think that a possible end of the FC after my death will mean that all activity was a dud. In the same way that it does not upset me that my family name ends after me since I have no children. I would certainly be happy if one day someone reads one of my books and says this guy was saying something good in the last century. So we have reached the other great love of Plato Rivelli books.

You have the largest

Photo library in Greece. Yes I love books very much. I try to convince even bad photographers to make books. Millions of reports are made that are forgotten. The books stay Raster to Vector Conversion This is now an opportunity to explain that I don’t generally go to exhibitions and I don’t do this out of snobbery. Exhibitions do not impress me. On the contrary I have bought all the books Greek and foreign that are in circulation which photographers rarely give me. Do you consider it a necessary component of photographic creation for the photographer to immerse himself in the work of his predecessors and contemporaries Certainly. It is inconceivable that this should not happen. What does the creator do It projects a world of its own with the elements of the outside world. He does this using the language of his art his medium.  is part of the history of the medium. So when you take a photo you are not alone.

Raster to Vector Conversion

You are in a series

Years of photography and another years of art. So your proposal is not nailed down. Even to subvert rules or boundaries you have to know them. There is a tendency nowadays to do away with the past tense. This is not possible. Our present is our past. Do you remember who was the first photographer who got you into photography I think the first one that caught my eye and convinced me that he was doing something special was Kertesz. From the history of Greek photography which form do you distinguish Voula Papaioannou. I have seen all her work and I believe she is a complete creator. There are many other names but I think this one is top notch and will appreciate overall over time. Are you satisfied with today’s Greek photography I am. And I can even say that there are very good photographers who are still unknown.

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