their company’s numbers. They come up Mexico Phone Number List with a budget, find out how much Facebook ads usually cost, and cross their fingers, hoping their campaigns beat the average. That’s a big No-No! Having this data (especially your business Mexico Phone Number List growth and performance metrics) is extremely important when running Facebook ad campaigns. After all, advertising’s a task that relies on data. If you don’t know the Mexico Phone Number List numbers, how are you going to know what works and what doesn’t? And how do you know what you should optimize and what you should ignore? Knowing your numbers comes even before you start investing in Facebook advertising.

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There’s no point in driving more visitors to your Mexico Phone Number List product if they don’t convert. Jack calls this the leaky bucket. Leaky bucket in business Before you get started, here are the two key metrics you need to calculate to know if Facebook advertising is for you: Website conversion rate. For every 100 visits to your site, how many purchases Mexico Phone Number List do you receive? Jack recommends hitting at least a 3% conversion rate before Mexico Phone Number List you consider driving traffic using paid advertising. Average order value (AOV). This is the average value of each order that comes through your website. If you have a high conversion rate or a high margin, you can cover

Mexico Phone Number List
Mexico Phone Number List

the cost you spend on the ads even when you Mexico Phone Number List have a low average order value. But generally, it’s never a bad thing to increase your average order value as much as possible. After you calculate these numbers, you can start running ads Mexico Phone Number List and track your Facebook ad metrics. Knowing these statistics gives you an idea of how many visitors you need to generate from your ad to hit your revenue goals. For example, if your Mexico Phone Number List conversion rate is 3% and your AOV is $100, driving 1,000 visitors to your site will help you generate $3,000. If you spend more than $3,000 to drive that 1,000 visitors, you lose money. If you spend only.

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