PEÑA, Josefina 2000 “Reading FIJI EMAIL LIST strategies: their use in the classroom”. Educere. The Venezuelan Journal of Education . Mérida, volume 4, number 11, pp. 159-163. SOLÉ, Maira 2007 “Didactic considerations for the application of FIJI EMAIL LIST reading strategies”. Electronic Magazine Investigative News in Education . Costa Rica, volume 7, number 3, p. 1-15. Prepared by Sha Sha Gutiérrez. FacebookTwitterShare 08/08/21: Do FIJI EMAIL LISTyou know what figurative language is and how it is used? Category: Notices Posted By: 45660449 There are no commentsin Do you know what figurative language is and how it is used? Seen: 358 times When Aristotle.

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in the Poetics, refers to “strange words” as FIJI EMAIL LIST strange words, metaphors and “everything that deviates from the usual” (Aristotle 2020: 91), refers to the need for discourse to present an enigma; that is, it is difficult to understand naturally because of the FIJI EMAIL LIST use of such words with non-literal meaning. Therefore, it is evident that there are two types of constructions: normal and rare or enigmatic. The latter are those that interrupt everyday language to FIJI EMAIL LIST introduce elements that must be deciphered for the message to be understood by readers. Several centuries later, linguistic studies classified the meaning of sentences by differentiating the.


denoted language and the connoted FIJI EMAIL LIST language. In linguistic analysis, two types of meanings are distinguished: the denoted and the connoted. The first is the literal, one that has not been shaped by rhetorical figures such as FIJI EMAIL LIST metaphor, for example. In contrast, figurative language is ambiguous, as it is constructed from the “double meaning [that] corresponds to a divided addressee, a divided addressee, as well as a FIJI EMAIL LIST divided reference” (Jakobson 1984: 383). With this, Jakobson explains that, within the framework of the poetic function of language, although a common code is used (the message that is enunciated will

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