The official account of SpongeBob a character fro. Niue B2B List Nickelodeon’s emblematic animated series. Which gained relevance after it provoked – apparently spontaneously. – actor Dwayne Johnson better known as the rock. To interact through social networks. Being relevant in social .Networks is not an easy task. The reasons why consumers interact with the. Content published in these spaces are diverse and fitting in with. The changing demands in this regard seems like. A titanic challenge in the face of the fragmentation of interests. According to data from aol insights, 18 percent of users interact with content. Just because they are looking for information. 15 percent do so to keep up-to-date socially. 15 percent more to find inspiration. And 10 percent to discover content that you have to know -vials.

In This Regard, Many Brands Seek to Make Their Content

Estimates provided by statista indicate that.  Niue B2B List  For content to be considered vital, it must be seen by .At least 20 million people in less than 24 hours. Given the saturation of information. How to achieve this ambitious goal? What can be so powerful to overcome the .Voice of the consumer? How far can brands risk in t.His regard. Although all these answers will be given in. A special and particular way for each brand, the truth is that there are some examples .That are worth knowing in order to understand that a lot can be. Done with little in the race to gain relevance. What do SpongeBob and the rock talk. About on social networks? A recent example was what.

Although It Seems Simple Is Much More Complicated Than It Seems

Niue B2B List

Was done by the official account of SpongeBob. Niue B2B List  A character from nickelodeon’s emblematic animated series, which gained relevance after it provoked – apparently spontaneously – actor Dwayne johnson. Better known as the rock, to interact via twitter. The message “hey therock, what inspired your nicknam.Patrick stars at home either way. We love it saysomethingniceday.Was enough for the also fighter to join a small dialogue with the animated character. Which soon resonated in said social space so that. The followers of both celebrities. The media and some brands will join the conversation. The amount of reactions that both messages add up are enough evidence. To understand this action as an interesting and spontaneous way. Of attracting the attention of the audiences. Which although it is not known if it is a prior agreement, achieved what most of the publications .

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