accurately identified. To achieve this, the Ireland Email List questions can be asked: what type is it? and which one is it? Properly raising the general topic or context, as well as the specific topic, help to clearly identify the problem, since they necessarily Ireland Email List establish relationships with the problematic situation and, thus, help to delimit it with precision. Example First, we ask the questions. What type is the problem? It is a health problem. Which? It is about the Ireland Email List problem in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Then, we move the information to the paragraph. Within the field of mental health, although different psychological and pharmacological.

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treatments deal with mental ailments such Ireland Email List as depression and anxiety with notable success, few interventions can help patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or BPD (Bateman and Fungai 2004: 40). 2. Importance Ireland Email List of the problem It will also be pertinent to identify the relevance of the problem to be addressed. This can be clarified with the questions: Why should it be studied? How does its existence negatively Ireland Email List impact a field of knowledge or human beings as a society? Only by knowing the magnitude of the problem, insofar as it directly or indirectly affects men, can it be known whether it is worthy of further study.

Ireland Email List
Ireland Email List

Example First, we ask the questions. Ireland Email List Why should it be studied ? It is a problem that impacts the lives of many patients. How does its existence negatively impact a field of knowledge or human beings as a society ? It affects people, because Ireland Email List they have difficulty managing their emotions, they have self-image problems and they feel an irrational fear of abandonment and loneliness. In addition, it represents a difficulty for specialists, who Ireland Email List did not find significant advances in the treatment of this disorder until a few decades ago. Then, we move the information to the paragraph

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