A 15-point checklist for more profitable product pages Your website’s product pages are your showroom and they need to be displayed correctly to get maximum results. This does not mean thatall product pages have to look the same. There are many ways to be creative while still being effective. Many of us focus our attention on our homepage (which is also important) and then just paste in a cookie-cutter product page. Taking the time to plan and strategize for your product pages is also essential. Cart abandonment is a serious problem for online business owners, but there are ways to reduce your abandonment statistics. As we move from website to website, we don’t want to see clone product pages.

But There Are Certain Aspects That Should Be Included.

in all product pages. Below is a checklist for some of these important elements thatwill help your product page be more profitable. 1. Product Description – Don’t try to write a unique product description. Focus on your target buyer and write to them personally. Be sure to include all the benefits the product offers. Try to Cayman Islands Phone number avoid clone phrases such as best deal in town or premium quality. Your prospect will tend to fade on these types of statements. 2. Product Picture- The image of your product will be what will attract the customer. You want to make sure the product details are clearly visible. The image should be clear and sharp.

A Good Image Will Bring the Product to Life and Elicit.

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more reactions from your prospect. Using different viewing angles of the product can also be effective. 3. Call to action – Make sure your call to action button is bright and clearly placed on the page. Once your image and description have done their job, you want the buy button to be there for the customer to click on when they’re in the mood to buy. Make sure the button stands out from the rest of the page. Don’t let it sink in4. Ordering process – Once your prospect decides to buy your product, you want to offer them a simple and painless ordering process.

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