According to data reported by social media today. South Korea B2B List Influencer marketing continues to grow. In 2017 it reached a value of 2 billion dollars and. By 2020 it is estimated that the. Figure will reach 10 billion. With such attractive figures.In the first place. It is not surprising why more and more people. Want to become influencers or why in countries like the united states. According to data from the influencer marketing hub.To say nothing of. Up to 39 percent of those involved in marketing intend. To increase their budgets for this task. Yes in the middle of 2018 influencer marketing continues to grow and. Undergo changes. And for this reason we take a look at the most important. Actions that are currently being developed with this tactic and to which every brand should .

Pay Attention, as Highlighted by Socialreport

Particularly in the stories section. South Korea B2B List  There has been an increase in the generation of content in vertical format. IN the first place. Which has been very lucrative for brands that work with influencers, therefore, it is said that the campaigns here both paid and “organic. They get more and more leveraged. Constancy it is said that due to the success that influencer marketing has achieved, there will be an increase in the number of campaign’sAs a matter of fact. A study referred to by socialreport.Confirms this by pointing out that 94 percent of marketers . Involved in the subject consider influencer marketing as a effective tactic. Integrated campaigns under this concept it can be.


Vertical Content From Platforms Like Instagram

South Korea B2B List


Seen that also due to the success they have shownSouth Korea B2B List. Spaces outside of social networks video channels and traditional advertising.Now host content where these individuals appear. Platform legitimation at this point in 2018 various social .As a matter of fact. Media platforms are already facilitating the execution of influencer marketing. Rewarding those creators of high-quality content. Quality finally.In the first place. As a matter of fact. It is contemplated that the metric to be. Followed currently to evaluate the return on investment. In influencer marketing is no longer the scope or the engagement it is the quality. As a matter of fact. Those brands that generate the best content wil be the ones that will experience good results.A study presented.

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