In the first place. Noghes digital marketing marketing . Mexico investment in digital marketing will reach 306 billion dollars in 2020. According to estimates by tech navio. Equally important.  Guam B2B List Every day more marketers go from simply considering the idea .Of ​​creating their own digital marketing agency to starting .Operations of a firm that faces all kinds of challenges. HubSpot took on the task of investigating what were. The main challenges that brands had when working digitally. The first activity that came to their minds was generating traffic and leads. Roi improvement followed third secure a budget on which to start working. Train your team and hire the right talent.

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To go beyond these challenges and achieve a successful agency.  Guam B2B List  There are five steps you must follow and be able to. Achieve results. Understand everything that digital marketing includes master .The key concepts of digital marketing, how to achieve online influence. The use of marketing tools and resources such as transmedia storytelling. As well as the integration of the digital shopper with new media. 2. Branding in digital media know from the creation of web conversion.To the types of online advertising and the management .As a matter of fact. Of performance metrics seo marketing automation mobile marketing . Native advertising e-commerce online media plan. In the first place. Digital strategy and planning what are the key elements in a digital strategy.

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Guam B2B List

The approach of objectives and strategic actions.Guam B2B List  The selection of channels and media according to the.Equally important.  Type of strategy as well as the optimization, importance and scope based. On the budget and the measurement of results. 4. Interactive legislation learn how to manage data protection. Regulations on advertising. Rights and obligations in the digital environment. As well as the use of trademarks within new technologies. 5. Social networks know the analysis. Of global and national behavior, through organic versus paid reach. The algorithms of the main social networks and tools in social media. As well as the methodology of social media objective. As a matter of fact .Planning action and measurement. To deepen each of these steps. As a matter of fact. You have the opportunity to attend the digital marketing diploma. Which includes 80 hours distributed in 10 sessions.

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