SEO is one of the fastest growing online marketing strategies, with the rules having changed significantly over the past few years. It is no longer enough to have great content, although that is important. In the years to come, the most effective marketers will be those who know how to leverage their content and current SEO practices to maximize SEO benefits and returns in 2016. The days when SEO was all about keyword packing are long gone! Today, the driving force behind SEO success is simple: user experience. Most of the SEO strategies that are still applicable and timeless are all about giving users great interactions with the site. Today’s search engines are much smarter than they used to be.

And Therefore Simple Strategies Like Keyword Focus Won’t Help.

In fact, as a site owner today, you have very little control over. The type of queries your content appears for. However, by carefully applying the following expert insights, you can easily. Cement your place on the Algeria Phone number SERPs for your most valuable queries. And thus maintain or improve your seo roi in 2016:1. Research is intent-based. Google and other search engines have continually improved. Their search algorithms with one goal in mind: to be able to better decipher user intent. As such, simply filling your page with exact keywords. May not earn you as many clicks as before. Today, search engines can monitor how users interact with.

Your Site and Thus Determine Whether or Not Your Site.

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matches the user’s query. This information is then used for future rankings. Therefore, when using SEO in your marketing strategy, you are not only interested in high SERP click-through rates. On the contrary, it will be more important to understand and satisfy the user’s intention and therefore to obtain that their post-click data guarantee your site. To do this, focus on answering specific questions in your niche, rather than targeting keywords and creating content around them.

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