Search engine optimization. Better known as seo (for its acronym in english. Is something that today all brands with a presence. In the digital world must work on. Optimization for search engines. Better known as seo (for its acronym in english). Is something that today, all brands with. A presence in the digital world must work on. A lot because the internet has become a basic service. For the world population. Just look at the figures that. Indicate that there are currently more than. 3.5 billion people connected globally, according to data published in statista. Yes, to this we add that during. 2017 the income from digital advertising reached. 204 thousand 802 million dollars without a doubt. The work in seo today is essential.

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According to data from search engine journal. However, implementing or designing. A strategy that achieves excellent seo results is not easy. Buy Fresh & Updated Belgium Business Fax Lists   Therefore it is important to have resources that help improve the chances of success. Here we present 4 keys for your strategy to be effectiv. Your audience and how they search. According to denis pinsk.In a forbes article, knowing your audience is imperative. Knowing the “likes dislikes and “pain points” of your target audience is now key so that you are more likely to develop. Content that entertains inspires and solves problems for them. 2. Research the keyword research. That is to say. A fundamental part of an seo strategy is keyword research.

Of B2b and 86 Percent of B2c Companies Market to Content

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Since these serve as a proxy for the client’s intention. As well as being an indicator if your topic is valuable and significant. To connect with your clients. 3. Lead with a purpose. Pinsky points out that it’s important to keep the momentum going. By creating a strong lead by giving readers a short. But compelling summary of your article. He recalls that search engines reward content that reveals. Necessary information to guide the user (and that includes a hook to hold their attention. 4. Create keyword themes. According to lindsay boyajian. An expert in b2b marketing to improve visibility. It is advisable to create a group of keywords related to an idea. The goal of telling search engines what your content. Is about and how it aligns with user intent. This will help improve visibility for other relevant searches.

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