When considering search engine optimization, Drupal is undoubtedly the best content management system. The reason for this is that the Drupal community has actively contributed a wide range of modules to enable webmasters to prepare for the future by following SEO best practices. The Tools Directory allows users to control virtually every element of your online SEO/marketing campaign. Whether you use Drupal 7 or Drupal 8, these modules will serve you well as you keep up with the ever-changing world of SEO. 1. SEO Compliance Checker This module provides information on the compliance status of the site according to a predetermined set of rules defined by the user. When creating/editing modes, the module runs a set of checks, displaying the results in tabular form. You can tell what’s going well and what needs a little more adjustment. Elements tested include keyword usage/density.

Title Attributes Image Attributes Among Others Seo Checklist.

An essential addition to your site, SEO Checklist is useful for making sure you’ve covered all your SEO bases. Although the module does not implement any functionality, it comes with a comprehensive checklist for on-site SEO, checking off each item once you have it right. It is especially useful for web designers new to SEO. 3. Page title This module gives the administrator the power to Bulgaria Phone number control the nodes individually, the content being defined in the <title> tag. It is an essential addition to a webmaster’s toolbox and a determining factor in the success of an SEO campaign. 4. Path Redirection Path Redirect allows webmasters/administrators to redirect their.

Urls From One Given Path to Another You Can Use This.

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module to maintain the integrity of your site by ensuring that search engine crawls do not result in errors. In addition, it preserves links directed from external sites, so that they do not lead to 404 errors. 5. Global redirect The Global Redirect module fixes URL bugs while some with the use of the Pathauto module’s own URLs. Although URL aliases look different, they are identified as duplicates. GlobalRedirect sets up a 301 from old nodes to aliases.

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