Spring is in the air! With it comes a sense of renewal and revitalization. Wouldn’t it be great if we could breathe new life into our websites so people can feel the same sense of renewal when they visit? Spring is a time of high emotion and high energy. Bringing some of that feeling of rediscovery to your website could boost your conversion rate. Below are some ideas that you can use to bring your site to life and give people a feeling of rejuvenation and vitality. 1. Remove dead links- Go through your website and make sure you don’t have any broken or dead links. This not only discourages your visitors, but also search engines. You can find a quick and easy free service at BrokenlinkCheck. 2. Resurrect old content – Examine your old posts and content and see how you can add new information.

Images or Resources to Bring It Back to Life Things Are.

constantly changing, so change with them and revitalize your content. 3. Add visuals- One of the best ways to bring a website to Cyprus Phone number life is to add videos, striking images, memes, and other visual concepts. Publish a new video every week telling about your products, services or promotions. Provide useful tips and ideas that people can use. Make people want to come back every week to rediscover your website. 4. Top Ten Lists – People like to read lists such as top ten or ten worst lists. Compile interesting lists and post them on your site. Keep track of how many people visit your listing pages and see how many new lives it brings to your site.

Predictions Research Information About Your Industry.

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and post predictions of what will happen in that area. Take note of trends and innovations and predict what will come next. Make crazy and entertaining predictions or be more serious and informative. 6. Become a community – Turn your site into an active community. Engage your visitors and ask for their opinions, views and beliefs on various topics. Invite others to comment on or contradict these views. Ask others for their ideas, advice and other resources.

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