Formula group, a media chain that from its. Barbados B2B List Social networks joined the trend of making fun of the .Mexican national team. In his last game of preparation prior to the start. Of the 2018 world cup in russia. Mexico fell to the denmark squad two goals for one. A situation that sparked a series of criticisms on social networks. Various twitter users have expressed their discomfort. At what they consider to be a poor performance by. The national team. Under the hashtag #mexicana selection .The comments within the social network follow this line and .In the last few minutes have generated impressions and a total of accounts reached. In addition to the claims related to the presentation. Of the national team in this last match.The brand crisis that said squad experienced during the week also came to light.

Where Hundreds of Followers Did Not Miss the Opportunity

While they stated that this was the result of the meeting.  Barbados B2B List  That was criticized for the presence of 30 escorts. Mexican selection but at the vip party. Pic.Twitter.Com/uhmc3nox4o – vladimir c. Larios june 9. 2018 within this wave of criticism, one that stands out is that of grupo formula. A media chain that joined this trend from its social networks. What is happening now with the image of the national team is interesting. Even more so when we are a few days before the start of the world cup. Although the fans will closely follow what happens in the tournament. It is true that confidence in the national team is eroded. A fact that could diminish the fury that many brands hope to capitalize on through.

Claim the Selected Ones for Their Performance

Barbados B2B List

Their marketing and advertising actions.Barbados B2B List   In this way the fall of the mexican selection brand could affect. Other firms that have been associated with it.We invite you to take a few minutes to read the articles. That stood out this week on advertising marketing. Publicity and the media. These are topics that marketers must master. We invite you to take a few minutes to read the articles that stood out this week. On advertising marketing publicity and the media. These are topics that marketers must master. 4 new functions are coming to whatsapp and this is what you should know.

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